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The First Rebound Protocol

Born to succeed,

Ready to lead.

Uniqo is changing the landscape of DeFi, delivering solutions to strategically manage inflation and deflation, protecting investors while providing passive income. The financial revolution is here, and Uniqo is leading the way toward a stable future of collective wealth.


Free. Independent. Resilient.

Designed to overcome any market situation.

Rebound Effect

Uniqo includes a cutting-edge deflationary feature that secures protocol stability by strategically managing inflation.

Fixed Interest

By providing a resilient system powered by innovative features UNIQO delivers a fixed 1% daily interest on your shares.

Asset Protection

Uniqo is designed to thrive in any market condition, unaffected by human factors and
macro-economic trends.


Take advantage of the power of automatic compounding while storing your coins securely in your wallet.

Dynamic Daily TP

Take your daily shares up to 1% of your holdings while ensuring stability to the protocol.


The Smart Contract monitors itself constantly to ensure maximum performance at all times.

Join for the innovation, stay for the #revolution.

Uniqo solves many of the issues that typically plague DeFi projects, such as unsustainability, inequality, and poor longevity. By providing a sustainable, long-term solution that prioritizes stability and security, Uniqo is changing the game!


Passive protocol revenue

For any given transaction, the Treasury’s MultiSig Contract secures 3.6% of every buy and 4.5% of every sell, generating passive revenue for the protocol.

Progressive Deflation

During every trade, the transaction fee is partially burned, meaning that Uniqo has a deflationary supply. 2.4% of buys and 3% of sells are always sent to the burn address and lost forever, ensuring progressive deflation.

Never-ending liquidity

6% of every buy transaction and 7.5% of every sell is collected and sent to the Automatic Liquidity System. This powerful feature allows for never-ending trading liquidity.

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